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Euthymol Toothpaste Tube Euthymol Toothpaste Tube

A Scientific Dental Preparation. Euthymol toothpaste has a special blend of antiseptic ingredients and essential flavour oils to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. No other toothpaste has the unique strong taste of Euthymol. 

Price:   €4.50

Milk Teeth Toothpaste Milk Teeth Toothpaste

Price:   €3.25

Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening 75ml  Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening 75ml

NEW. Clinically proven to whiten your teeth by 3 shades, thanks to its unique, natural baking soda formula. New Arm & Hammer Advanced Whitening is clinically proven to whiten your teeth by 3 shades. The baking soda particles dissolve to gently clean away both surface and deep stains, whilst neutralising odour-causing compounds for long-lasting fresh breath protection. The advanced micropolishers safely polish to leave your teeth brilliant white, with that fresh from the dentist feeling of clean.

Price:   €4.25

Colgate Advanced White 100ml  Colgate Advanced White 100ml

NEW FORMULA. Clinically Proven. Whiter Teeth. Stain Prevention. Gentle on Enamel. Restores natural whiteness. Helps prevent stains from adhering. Effectively Removes Stains. Fights Cavities and Removes Plaque. Advanced formula with active micro-cleansing crystals that gently polishes stains away... ...and helps prevent new stains from adhering. Your teeth stay white, longer. 

Price:   €4.95

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